Designing services, 

That make a difference

Our vision

We believe there is a better way to do business. A value oriented proposition that aligns the interest of the customer, the provider and our planet – we believe in the power of offering products as a service.

Whether called rental, leasing, subscription or pay per use, todays customers are looking for the performance of products, not ownership. Experiences and personalized interaction, with minimal environmental impact.

Product as a Service is a new model for most businesses. One that cuts right across the traditional organization. Where product lifecycles are managed by the producer and one-off customers turn into recurring relationships.

We are here to guide companies in the transition from product to service. At the interface of product circularity, design thinking and technology, we are the one-stop shop solution for manufacturers and retailers that are looking to enter the performance economy.

Our Founding

Subspot was founded by Robert van Boesschoten in 2016.
Through extensive commercial experience in the Telecoms industry, Robert realized that other industries where still in a very early stage of “servitization”, or in other words: the shift from product to service selling.
Passionate about technology and digital commerce, inspired to make a difference, he decided to build a company that fuels the transition towards a circular economy.

“I believe that for the circular economy to grow, we need to change the business model. Once product value is rewarded with customer value – we can move towards closed product loops and re-design of products and value chains”

    We build on over 10 years of experience in working with Product-as-a-Service.

    The team

    Subspot is a growing network of entrepreneurs and senior professionals.

    The common denominator is our passion for technology, innovation and the transition to a circular economy.
    As a a team we are able to deliver on every aspect of the Product-as-a-Service experience.

    We are looking for change-makers with entrepreneurial spirit:

    -Experienced service designers

    -Internship service design

    -Full stack developer  

    Subspot has built a network of specialized partners, which enables us to provide a one-stop-shop solution to our customers

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