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we design, implement and grow product-as-a-service solutions that unlock customer and product value.
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Why product as a service

Ever thought about turning your product into a service?

Our services

We support manufacturers and retailers in the transition from product to service

Product lifecycle & Circularity

Regain control of your product’s lifecycle


By applying circular principles such as Re-use, Re-market, Re-furbish & Re-cycle, untapped product value can be unlocked.

Service Design & Subscriptions

Strong services solve customer problems.


We start from the customer needs, designing smart services that create value. Subscriptions are the way to monetize.

Technology & Infrastructure

Solid digital & financial infrastructure.


As-a-service solutions require solid technical infrastructure and financing solutions that are scalable for growth.

Our vision

 Whether called rental, leasing, subscription or pay per use, todays customers are looking for the performance of products, not ownership. Experiences and personalized interaction, with minimal environmental impact.

Offering your Product as a Service is a new model for most businesses. One that cuts right across the traditional organization. Where product lifecycles are managed by the producer and one-off customers turn into recurring relationships.

We are here to guide companies in the transition from product to service. At the interface of product circularity, design thinking and technology, we are the one-stop shop solution for manufacturers and retailers that are looking to enter the performance economy.

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The service shift takes place across industries

“Powered by technology and driven by the need for a circular economy, services will be the prevalent business model of the near future”

We build on over 10 years of experience in working with Product-as-a-Service.

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