Subspot builds subscription business

Our mission

As Subspot we believe in the subscription economy. When we leverage the power of digitalisation we can design smart service propositions that transition value chains.

Subspot wants to be a driving force. By growing the subscription economy, we create the foundation for a circular economy.

Our story

Subspot was founded by Robert van Boesschoten in 2016.

After an extensive career within multinational brands, such as Nike and Vodafone, Robert was committed to start contributing to the growth of circular economy as entrepeneur. With extensive knowledge and experience in the creation, marketing and selling of services as well as driving omni-channel sales operations, Robert is well equipped to lead this transition.

“I believe that innovation in business models will drive us towards a circular economy. Operating at the intersection of technology, business model innovation and quality products we can accelerate the change”.

The team

Subspot is a network of entrepeneurs and senior professionals with diverse backgrounds. The common denominator is our passion for technology, innovation and the circular economy.

As a a team we are able to deliver on every aspect of the Subscription experience. Together we create the change!

Our partners

Subspot has built a network of specialised partners, which enables us to provide a one-stop-shop solution to our customers,