We build subscription business.

Why Subscriptions?

The subscription economy is booming. Today you buy services, not products. Across industries companies are adopting the "product-as-a-service" model. Fueled by the need for a circular economy and enabled by the power of digital technologies. Most importantly, the customer need is shifting. The signs are very clear:

It's about access, not ownership

Whether it is music, software, transportation or light, todays customers are looking for the performance of your products, not the hassle of traditional ownership.

Create personalized relationships

As a provider of a subscription service, you are entering a one to one relationship with your customers; direct interaction, full control of the product lifecycle and the freedom of a recurring revenue model.

Using technology as enabler

Technology is the big enabler of a differentiating subscription service. Customer-centric services are enabled by tech, such as Internet of Things or big data.

We believe that the subscription economy has the power to transform many industries. What started off in media and software industries is now expanding to sectors like electronics, mobility and fashion.


Powered by technology and driven by the need for a circular economy, the subscription model will be the prevalent business model of the near future.

Our services

We are a one-stop shop agency for businesses that want to enter the subscription economy. Our consulting services cover the full spectrum from idea generation to commercialization

Digital service design

Based on your customer’s needs, we design digital subscription services that will give you a a head start in the Subscription Economy.

Implementing subscription infrastructure

We understand the importance of building the right (IT-) infrastructure and processes. We build solutions ourselves and partner with the best 3rd parties.

Commercialize and grow subscriptions

We prefer to have ”skin in the game”; bringing developed services to market, setting up winning marketing strategies and building actual sales results.

We are the one-stop-shop partner for Subscription services.

Get in touch with us today to explore opportunities:

Our experience

We build on more than 10 years of experience in the design and commercial execution of Subscription services. Across both B2C and B2B industries.


Fairphone is crowdfunding and wants to grow Fairphone-as-a-Service

Fairphone is crowdfunding and wants to grow Fairphone-as-a-Service

Fairphone is crowdfunding to growth faster. One of their main growth strategies is launching Fairphone-as-a-Service

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The freedom of Product-as-a-Service

The freedom of Product-as-a-Service

This blog is the first of a series of three, covering the Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) business model and its market opportunities. It is a follow up from my earlier articleon the relationship between PaaS and the Circular Economy. This article will explore the current shift in customer behavior, which opens up many opportunities for PaaS providers. If you live in a Dutch city, like me, you will […]

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Subspot & Grow Impact

Subspot & Grow Impact

Subspot was a proud participant of the Grow Impact accelerator program 2018. A scale-up program offered by Growthclass and Social EntrepriseNL. Watch this video to learn more.  

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