we build circular commerce

Within a circular business there are only winners


In a circular economy we decouple consumption from waste. We add value for customers, materials last and business is created. Everybody wins.


We are here to build circular commerce with you. From identifying the opportunity all the way through execution. In partnership or as a new venture.

Our approach

we guide you across all stages of the journey


Every fire starts with a spark. We find inspiration and analyse your value chain. What is circular business about? What are leading examples? Where is opportunity within your chain? Which strategy to use? How to drive customer experience? Is your customer ready?

Value proposition

The value proposition is what you offer to your customer.   Should you re-design your product? Which circular strategy do you apply? What’s the business model? Can we convert the product to a service? What pricing to apply? Can we test it?


Go to market of a circular proposition.   How to prepare your organisation? How to set up logistics? Customer service? Sales channels? Do we integrate a new billing infrastructure? New customer platform?


Running a circular business requires a different approach.   How do you put your customer experience at the core? How do find new customers through marketing campaigns? How to service your existing customers? What to do with new data sources? How to monitor and steer progress?  

Circular business matters

Our world is changing.


Climate is warming. Materials are getting scarce. Population grows.

Technology is exponential. Products are connected. Ecommerce thrives.

Consumers change. Sustainable is a demand. Direct interaction is expected.


A circular business takes responsibility and creates a bright future.

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Rethinking progress – EllenMacarthur Foundation

Rethinking progress – EllenMacarthur Foundation

This short video provides a nice short introduction into the Circular Economy  

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Welcome to our new website. We are a fresh young company, determined to drive Circular business to a new level. Have a look around and get in touch anytime!

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