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Healty soil as a service


Accelerating the global market introduction of an Agri-tech solution


Agrifood / Electronics
Service design

Soilcares, a product of Agrocares, provides the world’s farming community with data-based precision farming tools. By combining a Near infrared scanner with a data solution, farmers can measure nutrients and key parameters in their soil. Now crop yields can be increased while maintaining healthy soil.

Subspot was asked to accelerate the global market introduction of this innovative service

The challenge

The main challenges that Soilcares faced were: how can we speed up the commercialisation of this high-tech digital service across global markets? How can we improve our subscription service to better fit specific customer segments? And how should we go about building our global distribution network?

Subspot was asked to optimise the commercial as-a-service proposition, to evaluate the commercial approach and to improve the go to market processes.

Our solution

We started the project with gathering in depth customer and re-seller insights. Through both internal and external sources we  uncovered the user needs, their pains and the barriers to adopt a digital farming service.

Based on these findings, we designed and implemented some key improvements to the Soilcares propostion and internal processes;

-A segmented subscription based service, that combines hardware and software services

-Design of a global distribution approach and contractual schemes, that better aligned with the interest of global sales partners.

-Renewed go to market process that aligned the efforts of sales, operations and marketing departments.

-Taking the initial steps towards automation of the subscription process, doing vendor selections and requirements scoping.

As result of our efforts, the subscription based offering gained more traction with customers. Also the internal processes and alignment between departments was improved. The company is currently generating commercial traction in markets across Europe, Asia and Africa.

“Subspot made a significant contribution to the succes of our global roll out”
Rob Beens – Chief Commercial Officer at Agrocares

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