Case Description

Precision animal feeding as a service


Building a smart Agri-tech service for on Farm feeding


Agrifood / Electronics
Service design

Agrocares, an agri-tech scaleup from Wageningen and Trouw Nutrition, a global leader in animal nutrition solutions, partnered to jointly create a precision-feeding proposition that improves a farmer’s animal performance, the use of natural resources and profitability.

Subspot was asked to be project lead at Agrocares for the design and implementation of this as-a-service proposition for farmers.

The challenge

The challenge was to develop and launch a commercial value proposition that enables farmers to improve their animal feeding processes and efficiency; healthier animals – better feeding productivity – better margins. 

The scanner hardware and cloud-based software had to be packaged into a segmented customer proposition, a smartphone application and subscription service.

Simultaneously the commercial and operational model between the two independent companies had to be forged.

Subspot was asked to lead the project from the side of Agrocares.

Our solution

In partnership between the Agrocares and Trouw nutrition teams, we created a project organization aimed at development of the product and preparation of the go to market introduction.  As project manager for the commercial, operational and technical development, Subspot initiated and delivered;

-Project management approach, bringing alignment between all stakeholders.

-Customer journey research including running multiple user test groups

-Guidance on value proposition design and pricing models.

-Technical design briefing and testing of Android application development.

-Design of the “order to cash” proces and guidance on e-commerce implementation of Magento platform.

-Design and agreement of the commercial business model and agreements, including a design of service levels.

Overall, Subspot made a significant contribution to the delivery of the Nutriopt on-site advisor service. The service has recently been launched across global markets with high expectations from both the market and early customers.

“Robert made us focus on the customer needs and journey, always finding creative ways to bring technical complexity and the stakeholders together – and we had a lot of fun doing it”
Joke de Jong – Global manager service and operations at Agrocares

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