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Fairphone designed the world’s first modular smartphone. A phone that is truly made to last. Their vision: You shouldn’t have to choose between a great phone and a fair supply chain. The next step in circularity of the Fairphone story is to apply a circular business model and to sell their phone as a service, where the brand maintains the ownership of the product.

Subspot was asked to support the design of the Fairphone-as-a-service proposition

The challenge

As part of the EU Sustainably Smart project, Fairphone is taking the first steps towards introducing Fairphone as a Service. The idea is to provide an all-in and worry-free solution to the customer. As this is a new model to the company and the market, there are many hurdles to be overcome. The first step was to understand the customer and market segments, who might be interested to adopt the service concept.

So before designing an actual value proposition, the customer needs, potential gains and pains had to be identified. 

Our solution

Subspot participated in workshops dedicated to the as-a-service developments. With involvement of the key internal teams, and with Robert bringing extensive Telecom experience, we segmented the different market segments and potential target groups. Based on the customer’s needs analysis we started to map proposition elements for one or multiple Fairphone-as-a-Service offerings.

Based on this work, the next steps for proposition design and the commercial roll out are currently in preparation. 

“It was great to get support from an expert in both product as a service and the telecom industry”

Miquel Ballester – Resource efficiency manager at Fairphone

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