Case Description

Airline Trolley-as-a-Service

Aerocat / Gategroup / Econocom

Revolutionizing airline catering with a connected trolley service


Aviation / Electronics
Service design
Business model

A consortium of three companies in the Airline catering industry joined forces to create and bring to market a Circular Product-as-a-Service proposition for airline trollies. Aerocat, builder of lightweight and Smart airline trolleyes; Gate Group, the worldwide leader of Airline catering servivces and Econocom, european leader in digital transformation, leasing and managed services.

Subspot was asked to guide the development of this as-a-service proposition.

The challenge

The idea was to revolutionize airline catering through a smart, and connected, trolley that would be offered as a service, rather than the traditional ownership model.

The innovative Aerocat trolley has a lightweight design, which results in huge fuel savings. Moreover it is designed for internet connectivity,  enabling airlines to move into personalized catering, access control and fleet optimization. To unburden the airline from the ownership and management of the trolleys, trolley-as-a-service was initiated.

This idea had to be translated into an actual service proposition. Moreover the three companies had to be aligned on the business model and their collaboration.

Our solution

During a three month project, we supported the design and roadmap for the introduction of Airline trolley as Service.

Key steps we took were:
-A project roadmap was created, separating key project streams: I. leadership and strategy II. Proposition development and III. Go to market.

-Based on best practices in the market, we start to shape a shared vision of the collaborative concept.

-Based on customer insights and business model, a service design was developed and aligned with the technical capabilities of the Smart trolley

-A roadmap for the commercial go to market was built.

-The Business case and model was reviewed and improved, aligning the incentives of the co-operating companies

 Based on this project work, parties are currently commercializing the concept towards the major global airlines. 

“Subspot was instrumental in scoping the project and setting the roadmap for our trolley-as-a-service concept”
Theo Alsemgeest – CEO Aerocat

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